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Oncology spotter 3

Created: 20/9/2006
Updated: 13/11/2006

Question 1

A patient was admitted with signs and symptoms of a cerebrovascular event. He was found to have a haemoglobin level of 18.9 g/dl and he aslo had deranged liver function tests. Further questioning revealed anorexia, weight loss and loin pain for several months. A CT of the head revealed an area of cerebral infarction. He subsequently had an abdominal CT shown below.

a What does the CT demonstrate?
b What 2 paraneoplastic syndromes was this patient suffering from?
c Name 5 other paraneoplastic syndromes associated with this type of tumour

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Question 2

a What lesion is shown on these MRI scans?

b Describe the chacteristics of the syndrome associated with it?

c What is Wunderlich's syndrome and how often does it occur?

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Question 3

a What is shown in the pre- and post contrast abdominal CT scans below?
b How do they present?
c What percentage are associated with a sunchronous bladder TCC?

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