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Histology spotter 2 - Renal tumours

Created: 20/9/2006
Updated: 23/8/2006

Question 1

a What renal lesion is shown in this histological slide?
b What are the microscopic appearances?
c What proportion of RCC's are of this type?

Question 2

a What subtype of renal tumour is shown below?
b Can you see any epithelial cells?
c What is the prognosis of this type of tumour?

Question 3

a What renal tmour is shown below?
b What are the macroscopic appearances of the lesion?
c What are the microscopic appearances?


Question 4

a What renal lesion is shown in the slide below?
b What percentage of these tumours occur sporadically?
c What condition are they associated with?
d What proportion of patients with the condition develop this renal lesion?

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