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Oncology spotter 2

Created: 20/9/2006
Updated: 12/11/2006

Question 1

a What 2 abnormalities does this abdominal CT show?
b What condition does this patient suffer from?
c What are the characteristics of the condition?
d Which chromosome contains the gene responsible for the condition?
e Where does the name of this syndrome originate?!?! 

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Question 2

A 78-year old man presented as an emergency with a 2 day history of frank haematuria. He had a 2-month history of malaise, lethargy, weight loss and loss of appetite. He was a life-long smoker. He had an ultrasound scan of the urinary tract which is shown below.

a What does the ultrasound show?

b He then proceeded to have an IVU, which is shown below. What does the IVU show?

c The patient underwent a rigid cystoscopy and right sided retrograde pyelogram which is shown below. What does it show? 

d What investigation would you perform next?

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